Cheap rubbish removal christchurch

cheap skip hire christchurch

cheap skip hire christchurch

Use This 6m3 skip for low cost everyday rubbish removal solutions

$385 Gst inclusive 0276291751

Why Use Cheap Rubbish removal Christchurch

Sounds like A Good Idea, Right?

why mini skip hire

Effortless Rubbish removal from cheap rubbish removal christchurch.
You don’t have to waste your time or damage your car and trailer by transporting heavy waste.

Why drive to the tip yourself if we can do it for you? Plus you could even save money.

Our 6m² Mini skip is an appropriate size for household rubbish removal, small clean up projects or when you clear the garden to get it ready for the new season. Simply load up the skip and we’ll take it away. Just low cost waste removal.

Placement Of Skip

Cheap rubbish Removal Christchurch Mini skip options fit onto compact trucks with less chance  to damage your pavement, sidewalk or grassy areas. They’re also easier to manoeuvre into tight spaces such as your back garden or in an alley.

Place it Anywhere You Want.
If an average 4WD vehicle can access the area where you need the skip, our trucks will probably fit in too. This means it’s now possible to organise easy waste solutions in many scenarios at your home, office, school or industrial site.

 Cheap rubbish removal Christchurch  will Position your skip near to your garbage pile. Now on you’ll have easy disposal of all your waste with very little effort.

Our Experts at Your Service

Do you have a unique rubbish removal challenge you don’t know how to solve? We’re market leaders when it comes to rubbish disposal. Contact our team to get the best advice in the business. We’ll do what we can to help you find a solution at  reasonable cost.

Important Tips

Having your very own  Mini skip is the best way to take care of rubbish removal in christchurch , but it does come with some guidelines. To help us recycle, keep collection safe and prevent hazardous material from going into the tip, please don’t add these items to your skip:
  Gas bottles
  Old tyres

 The waste shouldn’t be piled higher than the skip’s sides. This is essential for easy, safe and clean collection. If you need another skip, just give us a call.

If you have any questions, our experts are happy to help. Simply give us a call.

cheap skip hire christchurch

6m3 Skip Hire at a Glance

You simply need to fill up the skip bin with your rubbish.

All the rest of the work we’ll do on your behalf:
Skip transport on a truck
Skip delivery and positioning where you need it
Collection after 5 days
Disposal at the tip for waste up to 900kg

For a longer skip hire period or other requirements, please contact us on 0276291751. We’re happy to help.

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