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cheap skip hire

Fix Your Waste Problems With Cheap Skip Hire 7m² Skips

$420 Gst inclusive 

Hire a 7m² skip bin from Cheap Skip Hire Christchurch for the easiest solution to your home, office or garden waste. 

Why Pick Us?

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We’re experts in the business. Cheap skip hire we offer you
Free advice whenever you need it.
We’ll do whatever we can to protect your grass, pavement and driveway.
Different products available for different projects.
We dump your rubbish at the tip, so you don’t have to.
Save time and money compared to doing it yourself. Cheap skip hire
Makes  it easy to recycle .

Cheap skip hire

It’s the Easy Option
You don’t have to struggle with getting rid of rubbish anymore because a 7m² skip is ideal for home use or even for industrial premises. It’s big enough to hold all your household waste after a clean-up or your garden refuse after a make-over.

If you’re unsure which size rubbish skip to get, just contact our experts at cheap skip hire we’ll help you find the perfect option.

Cheap skip hire deliver it you can simply fill it and we’ll take care of the cumbersome job of rubbish removal and discarding it at the tip.

Why not make life a bit easier? You deserve it.

We Care About Your Premises as Much as You do
When we arrive you can relax. The trucks used for our range of smaller skips aren’t extremely heavy. With less chance of damage  to your pavement or rip apart your lawn.

These trucks can also reach places other trucks can’t. They’ll reach most places you can go with a 4WD vehicle. Discuss the layout with us when you order so we can plan for the best outcome.

A 7m² Skip is Easy to Use
Once it’s in position you’re free to use it as you see fit. Just remember to take note of the items that aren’t allowed. (See the list below).

The skip is low enough that you can throw items over the edge. If you need to discard heavier items, just push them through the rear opening door.



Important Tips

Think Before You Throw

 Cheap Skip Hire skips makes it so easy to discard your garbage, but take a moment before you throw in that next bag.

Certain items aren’t allowed in our skips because they carry risks or can’t be recycled. Here’s a list of what not to throw into our skips:

Old tyres
Gas bottles

Don’t mix hardfill with other garbage items because it hampers the recycling .

 You need a separate skip for hardfill, have a look at our 2 cube mini skips as they are only size available for hardfill.

Our Services Explained

Cheaper skip hire offers affordable 7m² skip bin package you get our expert services that will help at each step of the rubbish removal process:
Consult our team so you pick the right sized skip
We’ll transport it to your premises on one of our trucks
Our skilled drivers will position it safely .
After 5 days we’ll collect the skip and its contents
We take it to the tip
This package includes a tip fee up to 1 050kg.

Need a longer hire period? Talk to us and we’ll help find a solution. You can use the button below or call us .