Rubbish Dump Expensive Fees

You may want to go to your local rubbish dump yourself. And sometimes it can save you money but more often than not it doesn’t because when you take all the cost into consideration you will find its cheaper and a lot easier just to hire a skip bin to dispose of your rubbish .                                                                                                                                                                                                 NOT MUCH RUBBISH TO DUMP                                                                                             you only have a few items to take to the rubbish dump it might be cheaper just to hire us to come and collect them instead of hiring a whole skip.We also load your items saving you time and stress have a look at the list for a few items we collect. don’t hesitate to call us for your free quote.



What skip type do I need?

This all depends on the kind of rubbish you are going to put in the skip List of rubbish types below.

General Waste 

Typically anything involved with a general cleanup around the house and section old furniture, BBQ, whiteware, old pc, lawn clippings, garden prunings, beds, mattresses, old paint pots, 

Use a Cleanfill /Hardfill Skip

For the following:
Concrete, soil, sand, clay, rocks, rubble, bricks, sand, asphalt, ceramic tiles.

Please, No General Waste Placed In Clean Fill/Hardfill skip.As This Type Of Skip Doesn’t Go Straight To Rubbish Dump.  

 Additional charges will apply if other waste is placed in this bin.

Use a Green Waste skip

For The following:
Grass, leaves, tree trimmings, small branches and other organic materials.

Please, No Hardfill/Clean full Or General Rubbish In This Skip. This Skip Goes To Rubbish Dump But Gets Sorted And Recycled .

 Additional charges will apply if other waste is placed in this bin.

Payment options

We accept Visa or MasterCard, Over The Phone When Ordering, Cheque, Or Cash Upon Delivery.

What can’t go in my skip ?

Hazardous waste can not be placed in the skip . This includes , paints, solvents, liquids or any asbestos. To dispose of any of these materials you need to contact your local council.

Rubbish Dumps Wont Accept This Kind Of Hazardous Material . 

How long can I keep the skip ?

We allow you to keep a skip bin for 5 days. this includes drop off day and pick up day. If you want a skip bin for longer Just Call Us Before 9 am Pickup Day So We Can Arrange New Pickup Date Extra Charges Could Apply.

What if I’m not finished with the skip?

You Should Advise Us  Early As Possible Before Pickup Day. We Can Usually Be Flexible.

Is There A Weight Limit  I put in the skip?

A General Waste bin and Green Waste bin have weight limits of 150kg per cubic meter in size . We are charged tip fees based on weight. The limit of 150kg per cubic meter for general waste types is the average industry weight limit. If your bin exceeds this weight limit we will charge you additional tipping fees. As Rubbish Dumps Charge Us On Weight .

Please Don’t Fill Skip Bin Over The Top 

Skips can not be filled any higher than the top of its sides and should be filled in such a manner as to prevent material falling from the skip. All rubbish must be contained inside the skip bin put heavier items on the bottom. (We face large fines overfilled or overweight skips.)

Business/commercial customers?

We also offer monthly accounts for commercial customers.


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