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 4.5m² Skip Bin  Solves Residential and Small Industrial Problems

$ 315 Gst inclusive 

Get the practical solution to handle everyday waste or get your clean-up project sorted effortlessly. Just book Cheaper Skip Hire Christchurch.

The Solution for General Rubbish Problems


Ever wish you have an easier solution for your residential or industrial rubbish removal? Why not get your own 4.5m ² Skip bin to match your unique requirements?

You can throw away general or green waste.
The compact skip bin size makes it practical for smaller premises.
Cheaper Skip Hire delivers, collects and discards your waste.
Save time and effort when it’s time to clean up the house, garden or renovation project.
Don’t damage your car by loading it with heavy waste anymore. Our skips are easier, effortless disposal options.



Enjoy Our Easy Process
You can now dispose of your waste in an effortless manner. Instead of damaging your vehicle or trailer, simply use one of our Cheaper Skip Hire products.

We will deliver the rubbish skip with one of our trucks and place it in the allocated area. 


Our price includes 5 days of hire after which we will collect and take the garbage to the tip. We can exchange it for a new one or simply take it away if you’re finished with your clean-up project.

 4.5m ² skip bin
5 days of hire
675kg of waste tip fee

If you need a skip for a longer period we’re happy to send you a customized quotation.


We use small trucks for our 4.5m² skip Bins so it’s practical to use these in small spaces. The lighter vehicles won’t damage your pavement either.


What Can You Place Inside a 4.5m² Skip Bin ?
Our skip service is focused on helping individuals find effortless ways of dealing with everyday waste. Therefore, our skips can take most items you throw on your rubbish pile. This includes general rubbish but also green waste you collect after clearing up the garden.


There are exceptions however. One of them is hardfill. Yes, you can throw it in one of our skips, but please don’t mix it with any other waste. Order a separate one so it can easily be carted away to be disposed of correctly.

Some items aren’t allowed in the skip at all:
Gas bottles

For safety and environmentally friendly reasons these can never be disposed with the rest of your waste.

Enjoy Effortless Loading of the 4.5m² Skip
The 4.5m² skip bin is ideal for various applications. It’s still small enough so you can lift garbage over the edges. However, you can also use the rear opening doors. Now you can deposit the waste with a wheelbarrow or carry in objects too heavy to lift above your head.

Let’s Help Each Other to Help the Environment
Because we’re passionate about the environment we recycle as much waste as possible. We invite you to become part of the process. Simply place your plastic, glass and paper in a rubbish skip & we’ll do the rest.

Need Some Advice on Waste Disposal? We Can Help
If you have a unique waste problem we want to help. Talk to our experts and let us help you find a practical solution.

Call us on 0276291751 or send us a message.

Don’t Over Load

Never load a skip higher than the sides. It must be level to ensure safe and sanitary collection.

If you have any questions, talk to our team.