Terms and Conditions Cheaper Skip Hire


All prices quoted are GST inclusive unless otherwise stated.

Payment Terms: on Delivery  Unless otherwise arranged, Cash, Cheque, Credit Card. Internet Banking Before Delivery.


Placing an order:

  1. Skips are ordered with a phone call or via email through our website.
  2. Credit card payment is made at the time of order in New Zealand Dollars.


Use of our skips:

  1. When in your possession you cannot
    – light fires in the skip
    – fill skip higher than sides of skip
    – place hazardous materials in skip such as:
    – solvents
    – asbestos
    – acids
    – grease
    – liquid concrete
    – move any skip 
  2. You will be liable to Cheaper Skip Hire for any damage to skips that happens while in your possession, other than natural wear and tear.
  3. Cheaper Skip Hire accepts no liability for any loss, damage to property or persons during delivery, While in your possession and pick up of our skips.
  4. Its The customer is responsible;e for our skips while in their possession    
  5. While every endeavour will be made to place skip in position as requested. In some circumstances this might not be possible, so we will place skip as close possible to the requested position.
  6. We do not recommend placing skip outside your property on the curb as other people can use it and vandalise it.


Weight Allowances:

  1. The average industry standard is 150kgs per cubic metre of skip (eg. 2 cubic metre skip weight allowance is 300 kgs ) that is included in the bin price charged. As Cheaper Skip Hire is charged tipping fees on weight anything over 150 kgs per cubic metre will incur an additional weight fee of $ 22.50 per 100kgs or part thereof overweight allowance for bin type. If incurred this additional fee will be emailed to the customer with the copy of weight docket after disposal of your waste.
  2. Tires will also incur a $10 per tire charge as we are charged additional fees for disposal.



  1. If you wish to cancel your order please call before 8 am on the morning of delivery earlier the better. 



  1. Cheaper Skip Hire will provide a full refund if our circumstances do not allow us to deliver your skip within 2 days of your scheduled delivery date or just call to rearrange.
  2.  If Payment Was made via credit card Reimbursement will be made to your credit card within 3 working days of notification by email from Cheaper skip hire.

Cheaper Skip Hire reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time by placing a notification on website.